February 16, 2021

Nanolab-Academy's nanosatellites


The dimensions and masses of each cubesat format are:

1U    :    10x10x11 cm3    1.3 kg

2U    :    10x10x22 cm3    2.66 kg

3U     :    10x10x34 cm3    4 kg

6U     :     12x24x36 cm3     12 kg

12U    :    23x24x36 cm3      24 kg

27U    :     34x35x36 cm3      54 kg

Les différents cubesats

Nanolab-Academy's nanosatellites

CASAA-SatUNIVERSITY OF AIX-MARSEILLE      2UCharacterize the South Atlantic Anomaly and its correlation with the aurora borealisMid 2020In construction
EntrySatISAE SUPAERO3UStudy atmospheric re-entry (QB50 in-orbit demonstrator)April 2019In construction
EyeSatCNES3UStudy zodiacal light and the Milky Way, plus a technology demonstrationOctober 2019In construction

PARIS DIDEROT UNIVERSITY3UMeasure electron flux and spectrum from 1-20 MeV and gamma rays in the South Atlantic Anomaly and polar cuspsEnd 2020In construction
ION-SatCSE ASTRONAUTIX6UTechnology proof of concept of a cubesat propulsion subsystemMid 2023Under study
IR-CoasterCSU UPEC6UAnalyse degradation of organic molecules exposed to radiatEnd 2025Mission analysis
LoacUNIVERSITY OF MARSEILLE/ORLEANS1UCount and characterize aerosolsEnd 2022Mission analysis
MetorixCSU CURIESAT   3UDetect and characterize meteors by UV photometryMid 2023Under study
NicecubeCSU NICE COTE D'AZUR2UTransmission by optical linkEnd 2024Under study
NimphSatCSUT3UTechnology proof of concept of hyper-optical components (Thales Alenia Space and CNES), particle detector (ONERA) and CERN radiation-measuring instrumentEnd 2022Under study

PARIS EST CRETEIL UNIVERSITY3UMeasure the absorption spectrum of gases using laser diodes to detect compounds produced by degradation of materials by solar radiation (QB50 in-orbit demonstrator)Automn 2020In construction
Robusta-1AUNIVERSITY OF MONTPELLIER1UMeasure radiation doses on bipolar components in space13 February 2012Launched
Robusta-1BUNIVERSITY OF MONTPELLIER3UMeasure radiation doses on bipolar components in space23 June 2017Launched

       3UMission in the Mediterranean to collect data from ships for quantitative forecasting of Cevenol episodesEarly 2021In construction
SpaceCubeECOLE DES MINES   2UStudy the thermosphere to measure atomic oxygen18 April 2017Launched
Formation flightCSUM CSUT CNES2x3U or 2x6UIn-orbit technology testbedEnd 2025Mission analysis
XCubeSatECOLE POLYTECHNIQUE2UStudy the thermosphere to measure atomic oxygen18 April 2017


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